• God’s Top Gun of Deliverance (Black People Faith International Church)

    April 27, 2009 4:55 pm 3 comments

    Noble President Bush coming down with a case of praise dance praises as he fellowships with blacks.

    One of the best things about our Christian tradition is the wonderful amount of diversity found within. People of every color and nationality are offered salvation through Christ, and various cultures in society have a unique perspective on how they worship and praise Christ.

    While many proper churches are more reserved and logical in their worship, the blacks have some of the most interesting and spirited church services on Sundays.

    At black people church there is a belief that one can catch The Holy Ghost. This is in reference to how on the day of Pentecost, the spirit of God fell down upon 3,000 people to lead them through their life. They say this once again happened on Azusa street and respread the Pentecost holiness ghost through America and the rest of Earth.

    Before Christ’s ascension, he also told his followers to go to Jerusalem where the Holy Spirit would wash over their bodies and then lead them as they spread the good word through the then anti-Christ, bigoted Roman empire containing Jewish betrayal centers.

    Now I personally have never tried to get infected with this Holy Ghoos but have attended many black church services.

    They typically start out with a preacher breathing really heavy toward the middle portion of their long sermon. Sweat pours down his or her brow and people will stand up and start swaying and crying out praises (blacks often allow a women pastors).

    The next step when they catch the Holy Ghost is the African tribal dance music. They have, taken their ancestral core and surplanted into their churches in a supposedly moral way.

    Every black church has a talented band with two organists (one plays keyboards), a Christian hipped hopped drummer and a man who plays the bass guitar. In the middle of a pastor’s preaching, they go wild on their instruments to get the African excitement genes all tickled up.

    The pastor will start yelling out what sounds like drunken Spanish gobbledygook like “Shamamamaramama” and that’s called speaking in tongues. I find it questionable but that’s how these people praise and we are being objective here.

    At this point all the blacks in the church will go wild (there are some white people church’s that use this version of praise too now) and start doing a dance called ‘shouting’. This is basically flopping your body around like you’re having convulsions or a case of palsy, all while saying those gobbledygook chants we talked about earlier.

    This goes on for hours and hours, then everyone gets tired out and the preacher will say the parting words and have offering collection.

    It’s pretty interesting and I bet historians will enjoy tracking the African tribal culture through these churches thousands of years down the road.

    Now there is a new twist on these black gospel services and it’s called God’s Top Gun of Deliverance, and it uses rock n’ roll music in these holy black services. How unique and praise God for creating such diversity.

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