• Hollywood Tries To Corrupt Susan Boyle

    April 22, 2009 11:51 pm 11 comments
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  • I’m furious and enraged right now, as heathen Hollywood has tried to corrupt God’s new favorite singer, Susan Boyle!

    Look at how these no good whoremongers have placed Satan’s leather on this fine woman with the voice of an angel!

    Leather clothing causes a woman’s skin to sweat with the stench of fornication and lust, and that’s why you see the most harlot of celebrities always wearing it.

    I love Susan Boyle because she is a humble, moral woman. She is 48-years-old and has never given into the temptation of breaking abstinence until marriage. When she opens her mouth, the sounds of heaven wash over your ears.

    Hollywood just could not be happy with letting a moral woman use her talents in a natural way. Today it is leather, next week she is exposing legs and having wardrobe malfunctions while she hits that high C on stage!

    I spit with disgust at Hollywood and wish I had a personal plane and was Chief of Judge and Jury, because I’d carpetnuke bomb each little Sodomite in Hollywood and pray God give them front row seats to his film Burn In Hell Forever!

    I cannot imagine why Hollywood loves to corrupt every single woman they meet and will be writing letters to American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent to demand they leave this sweet woman alone.

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