• Immoral Chinese Sperm Banks

    April 6, 2009 2:20 am 34 comments

    The day soon comes when the Godless hordes of Chinese will descend upon our lands with only one goal in mind. World domination.

    I’ve warned everyone once and I warn you again. The heart of the Chinese are set hard against us and they will do everything in their power to ensure that they get to bathe in the spilled blood of you and your innocent kids!

    They hate our freedom and love our death. Just today the Chinese shot a nuclear rocket at America and tomorrow don’t be surprised if you wake up to find they’ve launched a new full out attack on Pearl Harbor.

    Despite their senselessly vast amount weapons of mass destruction, the key to China’s world domination plan is sheer numbers. They plan to overrun our peaceful land with legions of beady eyed soldiers who have yearned for your blood since they were babies in the womb.

    As we speak the Chinese encourage their men to give the seed of life in advance Chinese Sperm Cloning Banks. Here they take the seed of Chinese men and quickly develop babies to add to their armies of hate.

    This is how even though they act like Democrats and kill their women babies through abortion, they still have an unGodly high population of 1.5 billion atheist menaces in their country.

    Look at the propaganda techniques they use to get their men to spill the yellow tadpole sauce of life so they can grow more Chinese sinchilds. Warning: The following documentation contains censored but still troubling images. Please pray and have your children leave the room before viewing the following internet links.

    Chinese Sperm Banks

    Chinese Sperm Banks 2

    As you can see the Chinese appear to be using the demonic lure of pornography to get their already ridiculous number of men to share their demonseed at the hands of geisha (Chinese for hooker) women in nurse outfits.

    Reports also indicate that the Chinese are using the money they stole from us as incentive as well. As you know, our nation is currently going through a financial crisis and part of the reason is because Bill Clinton and Barack Obama conspired to send most of our jobs and money across the Atlantic and into China.

    Now every three to four months, the Chinese men can go to these abomination factories and get their thingies all jollied up four times, and get paid $30 of your tax money for each go. Do the math.

    There are about 700 million Chinese men. Every four months, they could max out with 2.8 billion fornication sessions. Take that times $30 of your American dollars, and that’s $84 billion dollars every four months. $136 billion dollars every year. We’re giving China $136 billion every year to create an army that will rain death down upon our gentle lands of freedom and democracy.

    My friends, the menace of China does not know the words mercy or kindness. They do live the taste of victory and if we don’t stop the democrats from funding their clone armies, expect to find your head on the pike of a Samurais American encampment in a losing America.

    In 2012, do what is right. Don’t let your children be a lesson in the history books, the extinct ‘natives’ of America who mysteriously disappeared. Only by electing a Republican president and once again issuing the ethics of McCarthyism can we combat this threat to our way of life and Godly heritage. Thank you.

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