• Jamie Foxx Tells Miley Cyrus ‘Make Sex Tape, Catch Chlamydia, Do some Heroin’

    April 14, 2009 3:22 pm 13 comments

    Hipped hopped singer and actor Jamie Foxx is in the news today, but not for the gang violence or drug sales you may always expect from one of these urban rappers.

    This time around this Jamie Foxx allegedly indulged in the other favorite food of Satan; disrespecting good young women.

    On his Sirius radio show, the 41-year-old Foxx cast very mean words at the sweet, innocent Miley Cyrus, the young starlet who is also known as Hannah Montana. Miley recently starred in the morality-centered Hannah Montana Movie (2009) and it’s this values-inducing movie that likely infuriated Jamie Foxx.

    Hipped hoppers love for your young daughters to have lower morals so they will gyrate their hips and expose themselves for drugs on their videos. To show his disgust for Miley Cyrus’ standing for Christian values, here is just a small part of the mean word he allegedly had to say:

    “make a sex tape and grow up… Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin… get some crack in your pipe… Catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.”

    I am disgusted at these words against a fine young woman of faith! I hate to make this about color, but if this were Don Imus saying such things about a young black actress, like Rudy Huxtable, you can bet Al Sharpton and his liberal buddy Jessie Jackson would burn flags, effigies and protest until Jamie Foxx apologized and kissed the feets of his victim!

    Where is the justice now. Why the double standard? I bet Sharpton and Jackson would even convince their little pet president Barack Hussein Obama to put on a costume and join them in egging the house of Imus for his words!

    But now look, just look at the double standard.

    Well I bet they are all laughing it up along with the devil, thinking it’s funny to disrespect young suburban women who are moral and don’t particpate in the prostitute-making urban music scene.

    Hopefully while they are out selling crack to the kids, they remember that Satan loves a cheerful sinner. And there is nothing God loves more than striking down all that makes the devil proud.

    Let us now take a listen so we may become even more angered by the unAmerican tirade Jamie Foxx allegedly used against our friend Miley Cyrus.

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