• Japanese Have Big Gay Pink Penis Festival

    April 7, 2009 3:09 pm 36 comments

    Our little immoral friends in Japan continue to show why they need Christian missionaries to correct their backward ways, today as they had a giant big pink penis festival in celebration of Vermont passing gay marriage.

    The Japanese love to cook up steaming mounds of sin in their woks of immorality, and feed it to whoever in the world is hungry for perversion.

    Today their little beady eyes lit up wide with delight when they heard the American state of Vermont promotes man gobbling down the sins of another man by accepting homogay agenda.

    The Japanese know this is good for their anime (Japanese for animated pornography agenda for children) business because gays love to introduce all sorts of perversions to kids.

    While Vermont schools are now teaching your children about same sex marriage and men can take turns ‘safely’ fondling each other’s tiddlydoos, the Japanese will be busy shipping crates of gay anime (Yaoi) variety pornography into Vermont, and that will just spread right into your household and make your kids have gay thoughts.

    So now instead of helping America fix Japan, Vermont has set us back and gave all these Japanese business people reason to celebrate today. I’m sickened and disgusted, and will be writing the state senators from Vermont if they know that for every one homosexual four of our innocent children are touched in a wrong way.

    Now before viewing the following images from the Japanese Gay Anime in America Celebration, please make sure any women and children are out of the room.

    Japan Gay Anime Workers Celebrate Gay Marriage in Vermont

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