• Lil Kim Wardrobe Malfunction On Dancing With The Stars

    April 14, 2009 6:22 pm 10 comments
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  • Dancing With The Stars is a new immoral show by ABC, where dance teams get together and tempt the audience with softcore dancing pornography in public.

    BET Awards 2008 - Show

    Last week we saw how Shawn Johnson’s inappropriate shorts and wrapping her gymnast legs around her dance partner causes an unholy reaction in a man’s pants.

    Well this week, it doesn’t get much better. An urban black rapper named Little “Lil” Kim and her dancing partner did some sort of hips swinging 50s jive dance, which is the same type of nonsense that God struck down Elvis for doing.

    Instead of getting struck down herself, it was Lil Kim’s flussy clothing almost that almost stuck down morality by exposing her bared milksacks for all to see. Thank God he sent an angel down to prevent her top from falling down and ruining her attempts of luring people with her wardrobe malfunction.

    I am getting very fed up with Dancing With the Stars. The only place people have business dancing is when they are making babies, after they get married. ABC is trying to promote fornication as family values and if it were still legal I’d order them to a hungry lion’s den if they refused to stop airing this sin enabling filth!

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