• Mexican Zombie Flu Raises Black Rapper “Tupac” From The Dead

    April 30, 2009 9:42 am 29 comments

    Startling photographic evidence now reveals the Mexican zombie flu is rising people from the dead! I did not think signs of the apocalypse would happen in my lifetime, but here we go and the dirty Mexican pig virus is to blame!

    Internet website TMZ.com confirmed today that gangster hipper hopper Tupac is one of the many risen from the dead. He was killed during a typical black family shootout, probably over women and welfare money.

    His spirit is surely entertaining Satan with urban black culture but now his corpse was spotted all reanimated, partying with other hoodlums in Louisiana. Let us take a look at TMZ.com’s evidence:

    Photo Evidence 1: Mexican Zombie Flu Reanimates Tupac

    Photo Evidence 2: Mexican Zombie Flu Reanimates Tupac

    Photo Evidence 3: Real Tupac Before Killed By Typical Urban Violence

    I’m so ascared I can hardly keep down my buttered Cream of Wheat and am trembling as I type. There is nothing holy about a soul-less sack of flesh walking around, and even without its brain and spirit its black nature makes it go right back to drinking alcohol and shooting up drugs at clubs!

    I’m mortified and hopefully we can use some of that Tamiflu to ward off these walking dead as more corpses and humans get infected with this Mexican abomination virus.

    Where will this infestation stop? Josef Stalin’s corpse terrorizing America once again? NAZIs blitzing poor Polacks and French in the middle of the night?

    Already 11 countries have fallen and now the infected dead are popping right back up! How do we fight this off? I have no clue but pray and get prepareded.

    I’m going to Wal-mart today to stock up on supplies and I encourage you to do the same. By this week’s end we may be on the Seals of judgment and all these Mexican infected thingies will be overrunning our streets, yelling their Spanish death moans as they try to infect you too.

    My friends, I pray for your safety and mind. Godspeed this weekend, and try to keep the faith.

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