• Miss California Prays For Perez Hilton’s Gay Soul on MSNBC

    April 24, 2009 11:12 am 17 comments
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  • As people of the faith it is our responsibility to let gays, transgenders and everyone else like that know they will burn forever in Hell if they don’t change their same-love ways. We are not the Judge, just the messengers.

    Sometimes in that duty, we meet up with defiance, anger and hateful retaliation. Sadly, during the Miss America 2009 pageant a young, Christian woman named Carrie Prejean was confronted by one of these bigot homosexuals named Perez Hilton.

    During the question/answer portion of the competition, Hilton asked Miss California if she supported gay marriage and then discriminated against her because of her Christian beliefs that marriage should be between man and woman. He mocked her and boasted about giving her a 0 score, which caused Miss California to be runner-up.

    Instead of praying for God to immediately send Perez Hilton to burn in hell, where his flaming nature would pale in comparison to the eternal inferno, the Christian Miss California prayed mercy for his soul.

    This woman is truly beautiful in every way possible. Let’s watch the interview and hopefully, her prayers do deliver Perez Hilton before God’s wrath sears the gay spirit right out of him:

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