• More Proof Marvel and DC ‘Comics’ Promote Homogay Agenda

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    My friends, there is a threat being marketed to your children by two dark companies named DC and Marvel. These strange people hide their agenda behind the word “comics” so you think your children are simply getting a dose of fun and happiness when they buy a comic book.

    The truth is the sin-marinated pages of each comic will lead your child straight to the BBQ pits of Satan!

    There is nothing so funny about how studies show comics cause over 20% young boys who read them to turn to, drugs, male gay prostitution and then death. I won’t even make you fathers out there cry about the findings of what happens if you let your daughters read comics.

    We have done exposes that caught these evil companies in the act of corrupting your innocent children:

    Marvel Promotes Gay Agenda with New Wolverine Toy (Marvel “Comics”)
    Homo Gay Agenda Uses Comic Movie To Encourage Homosexual Activities (Marvel “Comics”)
    Watchmen Video Game Promotes Homogay and Violence
    (Marvel “Comics”)
    Wonder Woman Animated DVD (promotes feminism) (DC “Comics”)

    Not too funny now is it? Well, the gay-inducing writers at Marvel and DC sure do think it is. They love to trick your kids into these gross lifestyle, devilhole love and beliefs in magic evolution just so they can get paid and make their dark lord proud.

    Here is just a small sample of the innuendo these atheistic wonders paint in each of these comic books. Keep in mind these are not close to the worse.

    Batman and Robin

    Batman and Robin are a pantyhose wearing boy/man team who both champion the homogay agenda for DC comics. I’ve only started to review these character’s origins in detail, but it’s obvious these comic books probably account for at least .5% of the 2-3% of gays in America.

    Batman and Robin entice young boys to think getting into the car with a stately old man with candy is a good idea. They’ll have a life of cool gadgets, beating up villains and being rich, all if they play ‘fun’ games with their old man benefactor. You know the truth is they’ll end up getting twiddled then end up getting traded around in Eastern Russia’s black markets. I spit with disgust on this filth!

    Gay Batman and Robin

    Gay Batman and Robin2

    Batman and Robin, Homogay with America
    Notice how they try to imply their Captain American (looks like a avatar for Uncle Sam) is a gay too

    The Spider-man

    The Spider-man is just about one of the most anti-moral comic characters ever created. President Joe Queseda and his little immoral writing hordes at Marvel use Spider-man to spread evolutionist propaganda and destroy the sanctity of marriage.

    If that’s not bad enough, Marvel shows that Spider-man also supports Barack Obama, meaning this character is trying to make your kids think killing babies is ok and it’s nice to give money to American-hating terrorists.

    Research shows this damaging character was created initially by a man named Stan Lee, then due to prayers and enforcement of morality on comics, this evolved man-spider lost popularity. That is until a new writer named Brian Bendis recently used his spirited hands to once again tempt children to read this dangerous propaganda.

    My heart fears for our children because in addition to all these crimes against morality, Spider-man is also no stranger to promoting the homogay agenda.

    Spiderman gay


    When you think Superman, you may think that he stands for America. You think back to the Christoper Reeve Superman movie and perhaps an old World War 2 History Channel documentary where you saw of Superman slapping Japanazis; you get a little tear of Americana pride in your eye.

    Well each time you or your kid buy a Superman comic or support these products, God sheds a little tear of sorrow because Superman has pulled the wool over your eyes.

    That scarlet letter S on his chest may as well stand for Supersin, because deep down Superman’s origin and intent is to lead you to the eternal flames of hell.

    Did you know that Superman is meant to convince you Jesus did not exist? Much like the sinful writing duo behind the South Park cartoon, Superman was created by two Jewish young men.

    Siegel and Shuster, the creative minds behind Superman, borrowed from the story of Christ and put it into their Messiah, the Superman. Superman has all these fantastic powers and was sent by his father, Jor-el (remember, El means God in ancient Hebrew) to Earth to be a ‘light’ for the people.  Superman’s birth name is Kal-el, that is translated to, ‘the swift voice of God’.

    Sound familiar?

    Superman is not Jesus and each Superman comic is just a little slice right out of Satan’s diary. Now if his origins were not dark enough and warned about in Revelations, the modern handlers of Superman use him to promote, you guessed it, the homogay agenda. What is it with these comics and trying to make our kids embrace homolove?

    Superman and the homogay agenda

    Superman promoting the home gay agenda

    How Can I Keep My Child Safe From These Gay-Inducing Comics?

    Like pornography these “comics” are drugs for the mind. They will addict your child to weird thoughts and then fry their brain up with the high heats of hell.

    If you don’t want your son to end up a gay prostitute in France or daughter lying near death in a smokes drugs house, please write angry letters and ask these people to stop destroying our kids.

    You may notice your teenager is wearing clothing you don’t like or is acting strangely. These are all signs that comics or maybe even a new comic based movie has infected their mind. When they are gone, sneak into their room and remove then throw away all books, DVDs or video games that look like comics.

    Your child may cry ‘it’s not fair’ and you just tell them that if they don’t want to end up missing on the 5 o’clock news then turn up in a ditch because some creepy cheetos-stained shirt pervert snatched them up in a comic books store, they better shut their mouths and give you thanks.

    I am deeply disturbed by this comic agenda and will be writing letters to the owners and writers of this DC and Marvel. We will also continue to expose their trends until they answer for destroying morality with all these immoral liberal comic books.

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