• New Water Balloons Teach Kids To Be DEVILWHORES

    April 27, 2009 4:31 pm 12 comments

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    I wish I had 1 million straight pins right now because I’d pop every single one of these balloons and not stop until God helped me popped these creators straight to hell!

    These businesses wonder why the economy is crashing and things are going south, then turn around and create nonsense like this! Where are the days when you can buy a Susy Homebaker oven recipe for girls and space ranger laser for your boys?

    Sure, loose parents will laugh and let their teens buy these things and think it’s all about having summer fun. But I’ll tell you today that the highest summer heats of Arizona desert won’t compare to the summer desert of hell this balloon will land your kids!

    One day it’s mouth to mouth unholy on this balloon and Wolverine then the next it’s licking some creepy men’s piggly wiggly for a dollar’s gain!

    If you don’t want your kids turning to whores just stop buying toys altogether. Let the toy industry crash and burn because they are all without morals! I spit with disgust and won’t be happy until every single immoral toy company is burned for making God’s naughty list!

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