• Olivia Munn “Exposes Legs And Shows Us Some Thigh” Admit Munnies

    April 15, 2009 2:57 am 16 comments
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  • What happens when Chef Satan mixes in two parts violent video games, a little pinch of television and then tops it off with a heaping pile of sexual temptation?

    You get a fresh batch of sin known as Olivia Munn. This woman is enough devil’s confection to make any smiling mouth that tastes her ways fall rotten with the plaques of sugarcoated fornications!

    Sure, she prancies all around and tries to make us normal guys think she is a cute, normal everyday girl who loves video games and would date us. Don’t be fooled! What she is really doing is, luring you with piper’s songs, right into Satan’s ovens where with the homogays, NAZIS, atheist Democrats and so on you will burn forever!

    Now, we’ve tried to warn the world about this and have written angry letters to G4TV to let our advisers help manage Attack of the Show and Ms. Munn, perhaps taking her out for a day to buy her some moral clothing like long skirts and neat blouses, giving her a Christian makeover and teaching her about proper video games to review.

    Instead of getting a kind letter accepting our offer, instead we were attacked not once, but TWICE, by these…Munnies, who viciously descend from her community and try to act like all of these things are not happening!

    Just look at this:

    G4TV Lurers Young Boys Into Sin
    Munnies attacked Tyson with immoral images and mean spirited comments.

    Olivia Munn Strikes Again, Promotes Homogay Agenda?
    Just like evolution, Munnies ‘magically’ popped up again to defend their goddess.

    Well today they have been caught red handed. On the shrine they’ve made the goddess Olivia, these followers created a page entitled “Olivia Munn Exposes Legs and Shows Us Some Thighs!”

    I would like to hear an explanation for this as it’s EXACTLY why G4TV needs to let us come in to talk to lovely Ms. Munn and teach them all how to have a moral gaming review day. Tricking a person’s serpent scepter into making him do bad things is not the moral way to promote video games!

    I’ll be writing again to express my concern about their current agenda and how we can help them avoid the wrath of God.

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