• Olivia Munn Strikes Again, Now Promotes Homogays Agenda?

    April 14, 2009 3:17 am 34 comments

    Several weeks ago our friend Tyson Bowers III warned us about a new television channel named G4TV. On this channel they have promoted a new video game program named Attack of the Show. It is the most dangerous thing any loving parents or married couples can let in their household.

    Attack of The Show is hosted by a woman named Olivia Munn. She has devil powers. Just like Tyson warned us, she has the ability to lure young men into sin by using her leg crosses, licking lips and exposing body parts in ways that can make a man’s Satan scepter influence his mind’s actions in a very unholy, unnatural way.

    I’d like to see the stats because I bet this show has caused a 5% increase in divorces and caused at least 10% of the children exposed to Olivia Munn’s sing-mongering to turn to hard drugs and prostitution.

    Now these statistics will seem obvious to some of you but I bet your mouth will drop like an atheist girl’s sincovers at Mardi Gras, because now there is evidence this Olivia and her filth-peddling friends at Attack of the Shoe are promoting the homogay agenda!

    If I had the power I’d strike down their studios with a giant meteor or 14th century plague until they cried forgiveness for what they have done! Look at this..woman just not only disrespect Easter but now has caused young men to dress in a woman’s costume clothing!

    My heart is hurt by how these people are corrupting marriage and children and I’ll be writing these show producers and Olivia Munn to ask when they will stop destroying our Christian nation.

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