• Popeye’s Is Out of Chicken, Black People Get Angry Panic!

    April 27, 2009 11:57 pm 14 comments
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  • Oh my I am is laughing so hard right now my sides have a fit of hurt. Humor is truly one of the greatest gifts from God and this video is chalk full of funny goodness.

    As you all know black people love fried chicken. Every race has what it’s good at and what it likes. White people love to be organized and as a result enjoy eating proper meals. The Asians pretty much the same though they eat some pretty weird yet healthy stuff. Black people, however, they are just so happy and carefree. Their diet follows.

    If you were to do the inquisition upon a black man’s refrigerator right now, you’d probably see a bit of Satan’s nectar, some old baby food jars, sports drinks, too many pies and sweets, melons bread and then boxes upon boxes of salty fried chickens.

    While KFC is pretty popular choice for chicken, Popeye’s is like the Rolls Royce of chicken eating for our smiling black friends. So what do you think would happen if one day some of these people drove to Popeye’s treat their family out to a high dollar meal. Let us take a look at the humorous results:

    The diversity in taste and lifestyle God crafted into each of our genes is so wonderful, and it’s laughs like these that do the soul good.

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