• Satan Overcomes Girl At John Mayer Concert

    April 19, 2009 12:06 am 7 comments
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    As I searched for more videos to warn you about today, I came across one that is a great wake-up call for all you parents out there.

    There is a little singing boy with guitar named John Mayer, and his only goal in life is to make your girl sin in her pants and crave several helpings of a man’s serpent scepter for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    This John Mayer mysteriously rolls his eyes all around in his head, like an autisimic childrens then he, strums his guitar in such an evil way that he excites a women’s G note if you get my drift.

    I am absolutely sickened with how this man makes a living by selling sex to girls. Look at some examples of his music.

    Song: Your Body Is The Wonderland

    We got the afternoon, You got this room for two
    One thing I’ve left to do, Discover me discovering you

    One mile to every inch of Your skin like porcelain
    One pair of candy lips and Your bubblegum tongue

    And if you want love We’ll make it
    Swim in a deep sea Of blankets
    Take all your big plans And break them
    This is bound to be awhile

    He is asking your daughter’s to let him twiddle them a bit under some blankets! If this were Michael Jackson everyone would be yelling to douse him with undiluted bleach then feed him to vultures!

    I spit with disgust on how this man is selling your daughters cds that will just turn them into drug smoking devilwhores! If this were in the lawful Biblical days, I’d only pray you’d have the decency to help drag him from his home and strum his body with stones until he moved no more!

    Shame on any parent who lets their daughter listen to this filth! If you don’t want your daughter to turn up a dead prostitute, like 600,000 women do each year, listen to my words CAREFULLY!


    The only Wonderland this music will send your daughter to is the ranch that’s waiting for Mahmoud Jackson and every other kid twiddle rompus diddler that has thought about kids in an unholy way.

    Look at how John Music’s guitar has caused this husky daughter of someone’s to go into a trance. He is the pied piper and if you do not go to your daughter’s room and destroy all her cds while she’s not home, his songs will lead her straight to teen pregnancy.

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