• Science Creates Glow in the Dark Gay Transgenic Puppies!

    April 24, 2009 10:08 am 36 comments
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  • I could not even finish my bowl of Oat Bran this morning because I spilt it all over the place in frustration! Scientists have truly gone too far and created a gay transgenic dog!

    Just look at them brag on making this gay dog that glows red in the dark, all on New Scientists.

    These evil devilwhole worshipers are enabling the gay agenda by figuring out how to genetically craft gay into a puppy’s genes!

    They used a VIRUS of retro nature to insert transgenic homosexuality right in this dog’s embryonic fibroblast cells. They then removed this cell, and placed it in ANOTHER dog’s egg cell and removed the nucleus! This is barbaric! Only 1.7% of puppies survive this treatment, but at least the dead ones wont’ be burning in hell!

    I’ve already alerted PETA to this nonsense and I will be writing an angry letter to New Scientists today! Oh sure, look at the cute little transgenic puppy glow in the dark and hump boys today. How cute!

    We’ll see how cute it is when they are making transgenic boys named “Jenny” and tricking your normal son into marriage when ‘she’s’ older. I knew the transgenders were sly but this takes the cake. STOP MAKING TRANSGENIC PUPPIES! Look at this filth!

    Transgenic Gay Puppy

    Gay Transgenic Puppy

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