• Surgeons Find Fir Tree Growing In Man’s Lung (Picture)

    April 13, 2009 1:19 pm 31 comments

    Komsomolskaya, Russia – A 28-year-old Russian man went to doctors complaining about chest pain and coughing up blood; the doctors had no idea what they would find when they examined his lungs.

    28-year-old Russian male Artyom Sidorkin started to become concerned about his health, as he had a persistent cough, extreme chest pain and was coughing up blood.

    Russian surgeons remove tree growing in man's lung.

    Russian surgeons remove tree growing in man's lung.

    As his symptoms grew worse and worse, he finally overcame the fear of finding out what could be going wrong with him and contacted his doctor.

    Upon hearing Sidorkin’s symptoms and finishing his examination, Russian surgeons agreed that their 28-year-old patient most likely had a cancerous tumor in his lungs.

    Instead, however, they were shocked. They did not find a tumor, but rather a 5-centimeter tree growing inside Sidorkin’s lungs.

    This medical anomaly shocked the surgeons, who are based in the Urals regions of Russia.

    Surgeons in Russia thought they were going to remove a cancerous tumor from a 28-year-old patient – but instead they found a 5-centimeter tree growing inside his lung.

    “I blinked three times and thought I was seeing things,” Surgeon Vladimir Kamashev reported to Russian papers.

    From what Russian doctors can deduce, Sidorkin somehow inhaled a seed from a fir spruce tree, and that seed germinated in his fertile lung tissue.

    What’s worse is that the tree sapling sprouted and managed to start growing within one of Sidorkin’s capillaries, which caused extreme pain, rupturing of the delicate vessel and invasion of the surrounding lung tissue.

    This invasive growth did cause considerable localized damage to Sidorkin’s affected lung, but the skilled surgeons were thankfully able to remove this odd growth, much as they would a tumor.

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