• Susan Boyle Makes American Debut on CBS Early Show

    April 16, 2009 4:48 pm 5 comments
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  • Susan Boyle is a simple woman from a very small, simple village outside Edinburgh, Scotland. She is 48-years-old. She has never been kissed. And aside from a loyal cat, there is only one thing she truly has in her life; a dream.

    **UK OUT** Britain's Got Talent singing sensation Susan Boyle outside her humble home in the Scottish town of Bathgate

    It’s this very dream that, only days ago, was witnessed by people all across the world. And it’s Susan Boyle’s dream, that in only a brief 4 minutes time, has brought an unprecedented inspiration and joy to millions of hearts across the planet.

    Susan Boyle has a beautiful personality that is only matched by her angelic voice. It’s this voice that she’s been wanting to share with the world for years, and finally, she had her chance on Britain’s Got Talent. It took Simon Cowell, yes the mean Simon from American Idol, everything in his power to not break down after hearing this debut performance by Boyle.

    With everyone still waiting to hear her next performance, Susan was flown to America to interview on the CBS Early Show. She was sporting a new studio given hairstyle and still was wearing her beautiful charm and effervescent personality. Like many others, I cannot wait until this woman’s dream is fully realized and she’s able to record song after song, to inspire generations and share her beautiful voice with the world. Here is her newest interview, and to hear her initial performance, visit the recommended articles that follow below.

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