• Susan Boyle Sings My Heart Will Go On

    April 18, 2009 11:09 pm Comments Off

    Celine Dion is crying herself to sleep tonight, as everyone’s favorite singer Susan Boyle did an impromptu rendition of Titanic theme-song My Heart Will Go On tonight.

    My friends, the ardent sounds of Susan’s voice are so powerful and soothing that I bet they even warmed the ice-cold fingers of every atheist who got aboard the Titanic that fateful night. To think those people had the audacity to claim they created a boat that could not be sunk. Too bad they didn’t expect God to reach in his freezer and place one of his ice cubes in the ocean, so he could teach man a lesson about humility.

    Perhaps unlike our dead friends who were aboard the Titanic, Susan is blessed because she does have much humility and a gift that she gracefully shares with the world. Let us watch her interview on Larry King, and enjoy this now wonderful song.

    Susan Boyle has quick become everyone’s favorite singer. Her voice is the sweet song like heavenly angels and

    My Heart Will Go On was originally a demonic song that was written by French-Canadian singer Celine Dion, for the Hollywood movie Titanic.

    As you know, the Titanic was struck down by an iceberg God had placed in the ocean because man had the audacity to call the boat ‘indestructable’

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