• Swedish Church Creates Lego Jesus

    April 13, 2009 11:50 am 1 comment
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    Karen Gray


    Oensta Gryta Church in Sweden celebrated Easter Sunday in a most unconventional way; they created a 6-foot-tall lego statue of Jesus.

    Lego Jesus, as it’s now being simply and collectively called, reportedly took 18 months to create, all at the hands of 18 volunteers.

    Lego Jesus Statue in Sweden

    Lego Jesus Statue in Sweden

    The 30,000 legos project was funded by direct lego and monetary contributions by the church parishioners.

    Church-goers in town of Vaesteras were generally delighted when seeing the completed statue, a replica of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s “Christus” on display in Copenhagen, Denmark, but such is not the case worldwide.

    While other Christian congregations have found the statue to be a great and fun work of art, others are actually upset and have reportedly condemned it as being both sacrilege and blasphemous.

    Oensta Gryta’s Church Pastor Per Wilder, however, remains optimistic and loves his church’s new statue;

    “‘This work began a year and a half ago so we saw that the initiation date was fitting in well (this Easter).”

    Pastor Per Wilder continued in his AFP interview, ‘”It is a fantastic installation and it will be there as long as we think it is in a good spot. All those I spoke with were full of praise, saying how fantastic the model looks and how much good work we put into this.’”

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