• The BJ Radio Show Forces Young Woman to Expose Naked Chest and ‘Boobs’

    April 26, 2009 2:30 pm 9 comments

    Infamous upstart media company, The BJ Radio Show, has had its share of controversy over the last year. We first found out about this company when a reader tipped the The Holymailbox about how the radio show allegedly solicits sexual favors in exchange for media exposure.

    The anonymous source informed us that personnel involved with the show offered him air time, only if he would perform mouth sex acts with the show’s hosts off-air. The young man refused and has been working since to get the show exposed for its homomongering and coercing young bands and other entertainers into sexual contracts for public exposure.

    Due to the gravity of this situation we launched an investigation of our own, and to no surprise The BJ Radio show responded in disgusting fashion to our requests to interview their producers — on radio and video broadcast — about the ethics of their show and their solicitation of guests.

    They went on to stalk several of our interns on internet hub Facebook, launch disgusting attacks and even disrespect moral leaders who called into their show, demanding accountability.

    So this week it should be no surprise that we find this radio show recap on their site:

    This week it’s just us. Well, we were graced with Amie’s presence as well to talk to us about her stand up comedy show on Saturday night. So she came in between the first and second segments, and stayed for the remainder of the show. She challenged our callers at one point. Calls ending in 6 gets boobs. More on that in a minute…

    For those who are not in the know, ‘boobs’ is modern ebonic vernacular for a woman’s mammalian ludicrosities. There is nothing proper about what they encourage their guests to do for airtime and their campaign to disrespect woman after woman in a ‘Boobs for BJ Radio Show’ campaign.

    I will be personally contacting these sinful harlots of impiety along with others, and demand that they censor their show and stop disrespecting women in such ways as this.

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