• Transgender Mayor Gets Own Reality TV Show?

    April 8, 2009 4:10 pm 10 comments
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  • Several months ago a man named Stu Rasmussen gained national notoriety, which was beyond common as he simply the mayor of a smaller town named Silverton.

    Unlike other small town mayors, Stu had one interesting liner to add to his resume: he is the first openly transgender mayor in the nation.

    Since confessing what he’s done to the public, Stu has become a vested media interest, with publications ranging from People to local periodicals featuring many stories on this individual.

    The gist of the show, which is being produced by RDF USA, is to basically take a real life look at Stu’s day to day life. This transgender mayor’s life will be getting beamed into the homes of everyday Americans, on whichever channel picks up his story.

    The production of the serial started at last night’s City Council meeting, and as reported by TheStatesmen Journal, this show ‘Silverton’, even in its initial phases, is exceeding the expectations of its lead producer, Gerald Massimei.

    “It will make a phenomenal background for a really interesting story, there is something really special about this town”.

    “We want to invite people, if they see us filming, to come say hi to Stu. Don’t be afraid of the cameras”.

    And that’s the point where I, like many others, become concerned. Is this show really just a documentary of a small town, or does it serve a larger transgender homosexual agenda?

    That’s the question and I believe the simple answer to this question is yes, yes, yes, it does.

    Consider this: during the 1990s homosexuality, a condition that as far as science can tell has no statistically significant studies to definitively say it’s genetic, was considered a taboo subject on television.

    Officials, advertisers and producers alike feared that the American public would not want homosexuality promoted in television shows, where children have access to it and it could encourage the gradual degradation of society.

    Ellen Degeneres was one of the first major sitcom stars to ‘come out’ on her show. Her show was canceled due to that action. Fast forward a decade later, and many other shows with characters of gay bent being featured, and suddenly, we have not only Ellen Degeneres headlining a show that politically advocates homosexuality, but you have others such as Rosie O’Donnel and many sitcoms doing the same.

    What these shows do is introduce the notion of homosexuality being a ‘day to day’ occurrence into the nuclear family household, exposing families and children to the idea that a gay lifestyle being common and fun (sitcoms) was a real, mainstream occurrence. Only 2% of the US population is homosexual, but tv does not make it seem that way.

    Now we see the American divorce rate is skyrocketing and four states now advocate gay marriage. These trends are occuring because much like business leaders with the economy right now, the American people are losing faith in marriage. The currency of marriage is tradition and morality, and those values are being spent up and lost by homosexuality.

    Adding transgender friendly shows to the attack will be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. This show will be a segue to far more shows with transgender friendly bent, and I truly fear this will completely desolate our values and morality.

    So no, I hope this show does not make it past the production level. It’s fine that a man is not being judged by his choice to be transgender, but instead by his ability to lead a small community with his political savvy, mastery of delegation and economic smarts. That’s great.

    What’s not great is for a politician, or a vested interest group, to use an office to forward a transgender or homosexual social agenda via use of a tv, where they will try to make certain lifestyles seem more common and non-threatening to what they truly are to the moral majority and tradition.

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