• Turtle Chases Down No Good Cat

    April 18, 2009 7:21 am 22 comments
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  • Cats are Satan’s favorite animal. There is nothing good about these creatures that just lay around all day, just waiting for you to give them free food like am black welfare mom.

    Back in the ancient times, the Egyptians and Persians used to live in houses instead of adobe mud shanties and sand huts, respectively. After a while though, God had to take his blessings from these people for their sick cat loving ways.

    Egyptians started to have pagan worship of Ra cats, all while the Persians naturally decided to be no good terrorists. You will notice that in both pagan Egyptology and ancient Persian Arab Muslim, they both worshiped…cat. You guessed it.

    You all know the rest of the story. God struck these sick people down for worshiping such this depraved animal, and now the once mighty Egyptians must beg for rice and to this day, we’re still trying to give freedom back to Persians like the Iraqis.

    If only these people made friends with a good Christian animal, the dog. It is truly man’s best friend and God loves dogs too.

    Anyway, enough history. In this video a turtle is obviously on the side of God, as it gives this little demonspawn cat no rest. So cute.

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