• US Army Finally Makes Killer Robots For Warfare

    April 22, 2009 1:01 pm 12 comments
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  • For decades now, the Japanese have been working — ever so meticulously — to build armies of demonic robots. Day in and day out, their little eyes have burned the midnight oil to create fornication bots (culture war), wife/maid bots (culture war), child bots (culture war) and most dangerous of all, killer robots (all out war).

    As you sit comfortably at work or home, the Japanese are even making plans to put several of their military robots on the moon.

    Why the Japanese always insist on making weapons of mass destruction, and attacking their neighbors, may never be known. Somehow the entire little island nation is full of much hatred.

    During World War 2, the Japanese attacked the United States for no reason. They joined with the NAZIs, of all people, then sneaked an attack and murdered young teenage to early twenties soldiers who were essentially enjoying life at Pearl Harbor.

    They then turned around and waged war on China. They raped and pillaged their land, even taking time to infect fleas with Bubonic plague and then airdropping the fleas in Chinese villages. Such atrocities honestly would have made it ok for America to turn Japan into a hell on Earth, by dropping dozens of nukes on Tokyo and the rest of the island.

    But no, we had mercy, and ended the war peacefully. We taught Japan how to use their scientific and industrial ability for progress, for capitalism and peace. They did well for a while, but now once more, that dark element in their hearts is rising again.

    They are crafting death bots and you have to wonder if they found a way to clone their true lord, master and old time friend, Adolf Hitler. Something sinister is brewing in Japan, my friends, and it’s not just some funky egg roll soup.

    The US Army must have received the memo:

    WASHINGTON, April 22 (Reuters) – They have no fear, they never tire, they are not upset when the soldier next to them gets blown to pieces. Their morale doesn’t suffer by having to do, again and again, the jobs known in the military as the Three Ds – dull, dirty and dangerous.

    They are military robots and their rapidly increasing numbers and growing sophistication may herald the end of thousands of years of human monopoly on fighting war. “Science fiction is moving to the battlefield. The future is upon us,” as Brookings scholar Peter Singer put it to a conference of experts at the U.S. Army War College in Pennsylvania this month…

    Ground-based robots in Iraq have saved hundreds of lives in Iraq, defusing improvised explosive devices, which account for more than 40 percent of U.S. casualties. The first armed robot was deployed in Iraq in 2007 and it is as lethal as its acronym is long: Special Weapons Observation Remote Reconnaissance Direct Action System (SWORDS). Its mounted M249 machinegun can hit a target more than 3,000 feet away with pin-point precision.

    Reducing risk, and casualties, is at the heart of the drive for more and better robots. Ultimately, that means “fully autonomous engagement without human intervention,” according to an Army communication to robot designers. In other words, computer programs, not a remote human operator, would decide when to open fire. What worries some experts is that technology is running ahead of deliberations of ethical and legal questions.

    Robotics research and development in the U.S. received a big push from Congress in 2001, when it set two ambitious goals: by 2010, a third of the country’s long-range attack aircraft should be unmanned; and by 2015 one third of America’s ground combat vehicles…

    While the United States has deployed more military robots – on land, in the air and at sea – than any other country, it is not alone in building them. More than 40 countries, including potential adversaries such as China, are working on robotics technology. Which leaves one to wonder how the ability to send large numbers of robots, and fewer soldiers, to war will affect political decisions on force versus diplomacy.

    Source: AlertNet.org

    There is no question that our country now needs to build legions of robots. We need robotic planes, tanks and footsoldiers. They need to be armed with the highest caliber weapons God has blessed us to make, so we can continue to effectively spread peace and freedom to the lesser nations on Earth.

    When designing robots, the US does it to enable others to enjoy life, liberty and happiness, by persuading aggressors against freedom to surrender to our gentle calls of peace. This is why ethic councils are heading out all of our robotic enterprise.

    Contrast this with Japan, who is stockpiling robotic technology (along with Russia and China) only to continue an endless cycle of threatening the world with tyranny and oppression.

    My friends, a joyous day awaits when our sons and daughters will be able to sit safely in America, while our robot armies go out to be our diplomats of peace. They will negotiate with our enemies and in the end, will use the tools we give them to usher in a new era of American global unity.

    This is why in 2012, it will be important to vote for the person (not Obama) who will greatly increase our military research budget, and fully integrate NASA with not only the Pentagon, but the Department of Defense as well.

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