• US Considers Full Out War With African Somalian Pirates

    April 13, 2009 12:14 pm Comments Off
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  • Last week Somalian Naval pirates attacked a US ship on a mission of peace, bringing over 8,000 tons of food to the starving people of Uganda, Kenya and Somalia.

    While the 20 Americans on the cargo food ship did manage to recapture their boat and escape the African Somalians, one heroic Captain Phillips was captured and held captive on a lifeboat for 5 days.

    The fate of Captain Phillip was to be death, said the pirates, unless the US complied with their demand of $2 million ransom and save passage back to Somalia.

    The US Navy saw otherwise, sniping 3 of 4 of Phillips’ captors during a surprise nighttime operation after 5 days of diplomacy and reason did not work with the Somalians. Now the Phillips is safe at home, say US officials, the full weight of the United States military may be used to wipe the rest of Somalia’s pirate units off the face of the Earth.

    While the decision is not yet final, US officials say the decision will be ultimately determined by the willingness of the Somalian government to work with America. If they can trust the US to properly investigate, it may not have to come to war.

    The last time the US had a major problem with the unappreciative Somalians was during 1992 – 1994, after President George H.W. Bush deployed US peacekeepers to Somalia during a time of civil war and genocide.

    Instead of respecting the troops who were there not to fight, but ensure a show of international support, quell the thoughts of violence and ensure US donated food and medicine were reaching people, 42 young Americans — many only college aged and looking to help out in the world — were instead bludgeoned and murdered by Somalians.

    The Somalian government was not helpful and in 1994, Bill Clinton pulled US peacekeepers out of Somalia.

    Given the track record of Somalia and considering that there is a major humanitarian need there — be it for food, medicine, water, shelter or just the general quality of life that every living person on God’s Earth must be guaranteed — let us hope and pray that Obama’s African-loyal heart does the right thing and declares war on Somalia.

    Let them know that if they will not let us peacefully get rid of their pirates, who are now attacking and boarding American cargo ships, that we will wipe their government off the face of the Earth and bring the Somalian people freedom. The Somalian government has been nonchalant about their rogue soldiers attacking Americans, and other countries as well, who only want to bring the basics of life to Somalians who are suffering.

    It’s time we put an end to the suffering in Africa. No, there is no oil to be gained. No, riches or spots of military strategics to be found. People in Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda and Somalia have suffered under the essential rule of blood-thirsty dictators for far too long, and it’s time we just wipe this nonsense right off the map.

    If we can stabilize Africa, build infrastructure there and give people the opportunity to build up their own society, instead of continually having to implore us for food aid and relief for generations to come, we can start an entire new era of peace and prosperity that was long ago robbed from Africa, and that the people there deserve.

    So let us pray for Obama’s heart. Let him do the right thing and start a precedent of letting these violent military regimes in Africa know that we are tired of the games, tired of the genocide. We will route out anyone who terrorizes life there, even if the process does not give us any direct benefit but simply doing what is right. Providing the groundwork for what all people on this Earth deserve; life, liberty and happiness in freedom.

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