• Utah Cop Puts Fear of God in Teen, Teen Dukes His Pants

    April 21, 2009 9:41 am 4 comments
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  • It was just another casual night in a Centerville, Utah, neighborhood. Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Taylor had just finished his shift at 1am and was parked in his driveway, speaking to a fellow officer on the phone.

    “I was in my personal vehicle, but was in uniform”, Taylor told the Deseret news service in an interview.

    He continued, “I’d pulled in my driveway and was on the phone with another deputy when I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw this guy trying to get into my wife’s car.”

    The guy turned out to be a 16-year-old teen and he seemed to be on a mission of theft. After the teen failed getting into the car of Taylor’s wife, the teen walked up to Taylor’s car!

    “Right as his hand goes to check my handle, I kick the door open,” Deputy Taylor reported. “I said, ‘You’d better stop right there! Police!’ I’m not kidding, it was quiet as can be, and I heard …”

    He heard the duking noise.

    Just like an animal, the teen cleared his bowels right at the start of his flight or fight response, our God-given biological response to acute stress. Even in the midst of sin, this boy was struck down with the fear of God.

    After relieving himself through his devilhole, the boy took flight. Officer Taylor quickly took chase and called in his friends for backup. The teen criminal showed an unprecedented amount of speed and guile as he tried to elude the officer. With the help of another officer who used night vision goggles, Officer Taylor eventually tracked the boy down to a neighborhood house party.

    Taylor received permission to enter the house and apprehended the foul teen criminal.

    Taylor quipped, “You could smell him. He told us ‘Yeah, I cr***ed my pants.’”

    The boy had so much holy fear struck in his heart from opening that car door and seeing a cop that he even ratted out another friend at the party. He just pointed to another teen and implicated the boy as a potential robbery suspect too.

    The two youths are being held in a youth detention facility and may be considered suspects in a string of car robberies that had taken place in the locale.

    At least one of them has now been scared up something fierce and has hopefully learn a valuable life lesson; crime doesn’t pay and will leave you feeling filthy in the end.

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