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    Christian Movie Review: Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009)
    She has the best of both worlds… now, she has to pick just one.

    If you’re looking for good, all around family entertainment this weekend, you need to see only one film: Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009).

    This excellent feature centers around the life of TV and popular culture standout for young teens, Miley Cyrus and her singing/acting/product placement for blessed capitalism persona, Miley Cyrus.

    JustJaredJr.com Screening of

    This film is geared toward the 8 – 14 year-old girl demographic, but as a parent or reviewer will find out, this film is not rushed, contains a great message without being too preachy and the magnetism and accessibility Miley delivers in her performance will engage the young target audience and make them naturally receptive to this film’s message; remember your values.

    The entire premise of this film has Miley playing both her real-life celebrity persona, Hannah Montana, and Miley Cyrus, in a fun, over-the-top manner.

    As Miley leaves her moral home of Tennessee to achieve stardom in Los Angeles, she soon finds herself under the influence of Satan’s second favorite American city and turning into all sorts of dark, dirty habits in her life.

    Right when she hits the breaking point of falling into the dangerous celebrity lifestyle of exposing nudity, prostitution, atheism and doing drugs, her father intervenes and has her ‘get back to her roots’ in a small, conservative town in Tennessee.

    While back home, Miley finds that it is conservative values, powered by good, honest folks of Christian bearing and proper culture, that makes one whole. In the process of Miley rediscovering her roots, a paparazzi type antagonist provides great comedy relief and tension, while the film producer, director and choreographer provide a visually stunning set and equally appealing musical renditions that all will enjoy.

    This excellent film, surprisingly produced by the oft errant Disney company, is definitely worth seeing with your family.

    Please review your local showtimes and search these resources in order to enjoy this fine movie.

    Moral Rating:
    E (Excellent) for
    Smalltown values, showing perversion of liberals, rated G, subtle evangelism

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