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    April 24, 2009 3:10 am 10 comments

    Jesus Camp is a documentary film about a Pentecostal holly-roller summer camp for kids of the faith. The purpose of this camp was to train kids to be a part of the Army of Christ by reaffirming their faith and building up leadership skills within the church community.

    Without surprise, the film subject quickly received scrutiny from biased atheists. Charismatic Christians are admittedly boisterous in their praise and methods of worship, sometimes to the point of worry. However, it remains quite amusing that people who allege themselves to be open to multiculturalism –that is liberals and atheists — became so enraged by this film.

    If it were called ‘Muslim Camp’ or ‘Teach Kids To Be Gay Friendly to Homopedo Toys Camp’ it would receive stark reviews from our civil atheist friends; such a double standard.

    Aside from a few blatantly biased moments by the film’s directors all aimed to make things seem worse than they are, this is a film you must see for yourself to fully appreciate, so we will forgo the detailed review. From Google and rotten atheists who are lambasting it, here is Jesus Camp. Enjoy.

    Moral Rating:
    E (Educational) for:
    teaching kids about faith, teaching kids about ministry, teaching kids how to pray (pray Satan out of weather, electronics, inhibiting speech), moral values, enthusiasm for life/Christ, Christian Education, motivational

    Negative Elements:
    producers use camera tricks, pentecostal tongue speaking w/o explanation, woman pastor

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