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    April 26, 2009 7:20 am 32 comments

    Christian TV Review: South Park Episode Fatbeard Online
    (Season 13 Episode 7)

    What do you call a child’s cartoon that mixes gun violence, black people, a bit of racial profiling and cussing? You call it South Park episode Fatbeard, by the racist Jews of doom Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

    Several weeks ago a US cargo ship that was taking food to the eternally poor Africans was hijacked by pirates. They managed to capture the ship’s captain and have a 5-day stand-off with the US Navy. After they failed to give-in to US demands to stand down, America was forced to send snipers to sadly put the African pirates to rest and judgment.

    The story was truly sad and such political events are hardly the interest of a child, who should be more concerned with playing with green soldiers or reading their children’s Bible. Still, that did not keep Parker and Stone’s filthy little hands from recreating the plot, all for our kids.

    The episode started off with the anti-Semitic Eric Cartman, a 4th grader who attempted to genocide the Jews and red-heads, looking for pirate adventure in Somalia.

    So much racism is contained within the first five minutes of this cartoon, that I started having dry heaves and teared up a little bit. It’s amazing how people who follow improper religions have no regard for other cultures that are suffering. There is nothing funny about the starvation and pirating in Somalia, yet this episode made light of it.

    As expected, Cartman’s plot to be a pirate in Somalia came to fruition. The cartoon showed Africans as stupid savages, not even capable of pirating properly and all living in ghetto styled black American shanties.

    To rub their racism in they actually showed the Africans living in a run-down city ghettos like poor African-American blacks, instead of the culturally correct huts as you’ve likely seen in documentary or on safari.

    Industrialized cities don’t exist in Africa and the cultural insensitivity only mounted when the Africans were shown as hostile, instantly kidnapping ‘the white Americans’ who came into their land. This was meant to make your child think that every black on Earth is violent and will kidnap them for money.

    The show proceeded in typical fashion, with bad language only being out-dirtied by sexual innuendos and themes of fornication. By episode’s end, the ‘master white man’ — played by Eric Cartman — brought success to the ‘lazy black man’ and was essentially their king in a day, due to teaching them to be his pirate slaves.

    These anti-Christian themes troubled my heart. True people of morality are not racist and would not teach their kids such things. It was a relief when at episode’s end, the US Navy showed up and put all these poor little Africans out of their misery. What a sick episode.

    Parents, South Park finds every way to teach your kids to be bad. This show is known by kids as young a five or six. Ask your young child, ‘Honey, can you act like Eric Cartman for mommy?’ and don’t be surprised when they smack your face, call you a devilwhore and then kill a black man, hiding the evidence by putting its meat into some chili.

    It sounds unreasonably sick, yet this is what this Parker and Stone are teaching children to do on this ‘cartoon’. I will be writing to Comedy Central to see why the continue to let these two drug-induced ‘writers’ create this horrific show. Warning: The following video is highly immoral so please pray and make sure your kids are out of the room before reviewing.

    Moral Rating:
    S (Sinister) for
    racism, blaxploitation, discrimination, political exploitation, cultural insensitivity, murder, gun violence, kidnapping, cussing, hate crimes

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