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    April 12, 2009 2:18 pm 13 comments

    Christian TV Review: South Park Fishsticks Episode
    Season 13, Episode 5

    South Park continued to corrupt our children with yet another immoral cartoon episode last weekend, entitled Fishsticks. This episode was littered with a bunch of cussing and also promoted the homogay agenda.

    The episode started off by making fun of a physically disabled boy named Jimmy, all at the hands of an abusive boy named Eric Cartman. Several weeks ago, you may remember that Barack Hussein Obama made fun of kids in the Special Olympics as well. Intolerance against people, especially for being something that they cannot help, is not Christian or Godly.

    It’s good to see that the Cartman boy on South Park (Eric Cartman) and Obama both hate some of God’s people for being crippled, yet idolize Adolf Hitler. Their personalities are one in the same and it’s a very accurate portrayal.

    So as Cartman was exploiting Jimmy in ways that would make Obama proud, the two came up with a Joke. It was called the “Fishstick” joke.

    The joke went something like: “Hey, do you like Fishsticks?” Why, yes, yes I do “Do you like to put fishsticks in your mouth?” Um, yes, I guess so. “Well that makes you a gay fish!”

    Now there is nothing funny about this joke, as the punishment for being gay or promoting it in any way is eternal damnation in hell. Gays will burn forever for their lifestyle choice because being gay is not normal. Teaching innocent elementary school aged children that it’s ok and comfortable to joke about being gay, especially around the handicapped, is just disgusting.

    The episode continued in very immoral fashion. There was cussing, violence, blood and gore, beastiality, a transgender gay. Even the man who lied and said President George W. Bush “hates white people” (Kanyay West) was given free publicity in this episode, then had immoral relations with a fish.

    Parents, let’s continue to sign the petition to get South Park taken off the air. I bet this show has caused at least a 5% increase in violence and depression in children. This filth is disgusting and is not an appropriate cartoon. Warning: The following episode contains inappropriate content. Please have your children leave the room before reviewing.

    Moral Rating: S (Sinister) for:
    promotes homogay agenda, bloody violence, intolerance of physically disabled, publicity for Kanyay West (committed treason against George Bush during time of war), cussing, hate crimes, inappropriate innuendo for school children, gay beastiality, transgenderism

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