• Whites Now Use 8-Bit Music To Corrupt

    April 27, 2009 1:43 pm 11 comments

    Several weeks ago our friend Tyson told us how some no good pickaninny were using a new type of ’8 bit’ music to entice good white kids to live the ghetto urban way.

    It’s said that misery loves company and these people sure love to spread their social ways of teenage pregnancy, drug use and gang violence to our kids. Their favorite way to spread their dark influence is thug-beat driven 8 bite music.

    You can’t really expect more from cultural lowlifes but my jaw hit the floor when I found good kids have joined this 8 bite music scene. Now we have white on white crime being committed all in the name of this new urban technology. This is why we have to keep the influence of certain people out of our homes and schools.

    The law of apples: one bad apple rots and turns dark, then ruins the flesh of all the other apples in the bag if you get my drift. Just watch this, it sounds like a song made to turn our young proper girls into harlots for some lowlife pimp. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

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