• Woman Borrows and Then Crashed Bosses New Ferrari in Morgan Hill California

    April 8, 2009 12:56 pm 30 comments
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  • Women are notoriously horrible drivers, and feminists will try to tell you otherwise. Today we have more proof that women are all truly woe unto man, and don’t quite have the hand-eye coordination of a man.

    Today a California woman used her feminine ways to convince her boss, naturally a man, to let her borrow his Ferrari. Here’s what your Ferrari looks like if you don’t let random women vixens drive it around.

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    Creative Commons License photo credit: CarSpotter

    That’s a pretty American worthy made car right there, and unfortunately it became a cripple in its death throes at the hands of a typical women driver.

    This woman did not EVEN MAKE IT AROUND THE CORNER. The first turn she took in this car, she flipped it over. How is that even possible? Going too fast, didn’t slow down to compensate for inertia?

    You never know what’s going on in the mind of a woman when they drive. If you’re so bold to let your wife drive her minivan with you in it, just sneak a look over at her eyes while she’s driving and you’ll see her eyeballs are wide and glossed, like a mentally dense dear caught in headlights.

    This woman of course was no different. While a woman may at least be able to drive a minivan or lighter SUV to get kids safely around long as she doesn’t have cause for parallel parking and such, a Ferrari or sports car is simply not a vehicle made for a woman.

    This California boss learned the hard way
    . His little 23-year-old secretary crashed his brand new Ferrari and caused $120,000 dollars in damage. You can’t fix a crashed Ferrari, men, it’s tainted goods by that point.

    So the moral of the story is that we must remember women can’t help not being able to do the same work or activities of man. That’s why you don’t have a woman NFL and why games like WNBA basketball are so boring.

    God made us men in perfectly in his image, and women were created from a leftover sparerib. He did this so women would always know their roll and accept that it was God and their men who gave them life.

    The other moral is that don’t let a women seduce you with her short skirt and devil powers. They’ll lick those lips and cross legs in all sorts of sinful ways, and if you fall for it you may find yourself with more than a crashed Ferrari like this boss did. You’ll find yourself crashing straight into hell.

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