• Adam Lambert Loses American Idol to Kris Allen

    May 22, 2009 2:39 pm Comments Off
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  • Adam Lambert not winner of American Idol finale.

    Adam Lambert not winner of American Idol finale.

    American Idol is an immoral show which encourages young men and women to sing devil’s songs while the audience worships them on their tv.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, this season’s American Idol enticed audiences with a young boy named Adam Lambert. Due to Adam Lambert’s unnaturally good talent, vocal and dancing abilities, scientific speculation indicated Adam Lambert was likely possessed by the spirit of former Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury.

    There is no other rational explanation for Lambert’s talent, abilities of falsetto or the way he infected the crowd with excitement for Satan’s melodies.

    Despite all the odds stacked in his favor, the vessel of Freddie Mercury STILL managed to lose the finale of American idol. It’s reported that young teenagers and homogay men nationwide cried in horror as they just new Adam Lambert was going to win.

    While some may think this was Lambert being punished for employing the help of Freddie Mercury’s spirit, the truth of the matter is that the liberal media is intolerant. They allowed a normal young Caucasian boy of mediocre talent win the final because they are intolerant of gays, unlike Christians.

    Despite the fact that there are purportedly photos circulating that show Mr. Lambert kissing other young men and such, as Christians we also prayed that Adam would still find great success in life and continue to bring joy to thousands of Americans.

    We prayed one day Adam would see the light and start singing Christian music, and use his story of conversion to normal lifestyles as a testament to other young people caught in the gray frays between morality and piety.

    Adam Lambert was clearly the most talented musician on American Idol, and despite the fact that show encouraged celebrity worship there is no way that little sparkly boy who wears mascara should have lost. He was the best singer and performer; you just have to admit it.

    It saddens my heart that once again the liberals could not put their bigoted agenda aside for long enough to let the young man have a recognition and celebration that he truly deserved.

    Adam, once you start to sing proper gospel music and all the other stuff you know in your heart you should do, rest assured that God will judge you the ultimate winner in his books.

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