• Another Atheist Attacks ChristWire On YouTube!

    May 5, 2009 1:43 pm 35 comments

    I am getting sick and tired of all these attacks against morality! Atheists think it is funny to go to YouTube and try to sneak anti-God propaganda to their peers in video format, then fan the flames of confusion in the name of the devil!

    The latest attack comes from YouTube user getherealtruthnow. This user does not recognize the fact that America is a Godly nation with a Christian heritage, and the forces of evil are fighting for the very soul of our nation.

    Satan’s tools are many this day and age: liberals, abortion, homogay agenda, evolution teachings, banning God from school and government and the list goes on and on. Every time the moral majority allows the legions of lecherous liberals to attack our Christian foundation, our nation’s values are debased and our collective hearts are hardened.

    If we want a turn-around from all the war, disease and economic failure currently plaguing our country, we must reunify God and country. We must put prayer back in public schools. We must ensure the Defense of Marriage Act is the only definition of marriage, for every state. We must keep the Ten Commandments in every room of the Supreme Court.

    For some reason, getherealtruthnow thinks it is blasphemous to want God in your country and life. I’m here to tell you today, my friends, is that you cannot put God in a box. What you can do is embrace his loving kindness and will for our nation, and as Christians it’s our responsibility to make sure everyone learns to do this and see things from a Godly perspective.

    Let us take a look at this video of lies and deception, attacking us for wanting America to be the most loving, inclusive, prosperous and powerful nation of God of all time.

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