• Another Teacher Allegedly Caught Attacking Student With Sex

    May 29, 2009 11:54 am Comments Off

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    New York – Sex crimes in the borough of Queens today, as a teacher was allegedly caught attacking a student with sex in the classroom.

    The teacher has been arrested and charged with sexual abuse, rape and child endangerment after the student’s parents helped track her down.

    CBS News has identified the teacher in this case as 27-year-old social studies teacher Melissa Weber and authorities believe the teacher may have had relations with the student up to seven times.

    Parents are shocked and feeling disconcerted about what has happened, with one stating, “‘It is extremely shocking. This is a teacher that teaches my son.’”

    “‘It is extremely disconcerting to find that.’”

    Investigators ruled that the sex attacks took place in a second story classroom of the school, and allegations have been made that Weber stated, to the student, “Don’t tell anyone. I could get arrested and I could lose my teaching license.”

    Other reports in the case, as reported by CBS News, cite that the student’s phone had hundreds of messages from Weber and the last one stated, “erase your phone” in a text message.

    While parents are aghast and in shock, Weber purportedly wrote on her Facebook, as she was apprehended, “Melissa Weber is feeling very sick!”

    Dear friends, what is sick is the way our young boys are being exploited in the liberal school system. Time and time again, we have warned that we must let prayer back in public schools and the Ten Commandments on every wall.

    Back in the 1950s, heartbreaking stories like this did not occur every week. That’s because Dwight D. Eisenhower was president and demanded we let God back into our country. In God we trust our teachers to remain moral while teaching our students.

    If we trust in Satan by allowing evolution teachings and fornication because there is no prayer to keep our teachers morally awake, we may as well oil up our boys, spray them with tropical scented perfumes and drop them off at 1 am in West Hollywood.

    A 14-year-old boy’s mind is pure and does not think about things like a woman’s body and doing things with her secret parts. Such attacks on our students will scar them for life.

    My friends, let us demand prayer back in school so these sex attacks will cease to exist.

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