• Atheist Pharyngulites Attack ChristWire Poll

    May 24, 2009 1:43 am 8 comments
    Pharyngula Evolution Leader PZ Meyers skews scientific polling data with an unfair liberal bias.

    Pharyngula Evolution Leader PZ Meyers

    At approximately 11:23 AM, on May 23, 2009, ChristWire.org was attacked by approximately 20,000 atheist internet terrorists who were patently enraged by definitive Proof that the Earth is 6,000 years old and following refutation reports about the false Ida Lemur Monkey fossil.

    A group calling itself the Pharyngula, led by a militant evolution scientist named PZ Myers, took credit for the attack on their internet web site Scienceblogs.com/pharyngula.

    My friends, evolutionists want to corrupt the minds of our children. They will resort to whatever acts of terror and violence to get their anti-God agenda spread across our great nation.

    Last week we watched as Google was hacked and forced to bear an Ida the Lemur Monkey logo. It was only months before that these barbarians even hacked into Google’s Gmail servers to cause it to crash right before ChristFest 2009.

    Pharyngulists are a very corrupt version of evolutionists who believe that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. This is a deceptive way of saying that human babies evolved from not only monkeys, but also tadpoles, fish, salamanders, chicks, a hog, a cow calf and a rabbit.

    If this nonsense was not far-fetched enough, these miscreants have the audacity to claim a baby turns into all these things during the nine months God is forming it in the womb!

    Further research shows just like many other scientists out there, evolutionists are very intolerant and bigots. As Christians we find intolerance against people of varying races, creeds, genders and life choices to be sick and corrupt. Not these evolutionists. Just look at the hate spewed by their founder, a German proto-NAZI named Ernst Haeckel:

    The Caucasian, or Mediterranean man (Homo Mediterraneus), has from time immemorial been placed at the head of all the races of men, as the most highly developed and perfect. It is generally called the Caucasian race, but as, among all the varieties of the species, the Caucasian branch is the least important, we prefer the much more suitable appellation proposed by Friedrich Müller, namely, that of Mediterranese. For the most important varieties of this species, which are moreover the most eminent actors in what is called “Universal History,” first rose to a flourishing condition on the shores of the Mediterranean.… This species alone (with the exception of the Mongolian) has had an actual history; it alone has attained to that degree of civilization which seems to raise men above the rest of nature.

    My friends, evolutionary theory is a very ugly thing. It is such a shame that the pharyngulists believe your son or precious daughter was a feathered chicken or hoofed cow while in the womb.

    How sick that these people should call our good friends the Afro-Americans, Hispanics and Asians inferior to the Mediterranean man.

    Good readers, Satan loves a devout sinner and the atheists revel in their efforts of corrupting society. They will twist God’s science for their own agenda of hate, homogay marriage and evolutionary teachings.

    Evolutionists believe that since embryos are just phylogeny of chickens, hogs and salamanders, that committing genocide against innocent unborn babies is fun sport.

    They will resort to terror attacks and trying to skew poll data if you speak out against their antics. It goes to follow that in typical secular fashion, Professor Meyers indeed encouraged his followers to skew scientific polling data with an unfair liberal bias.

    These are the very same tactics that the left-wing elite employed when giving our noble President Bush a very unrealistically low approval ratings.

    My dear friends, we were fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. Nowhere in the Bible does it mention we magically transform from a chicken to a turtle as we’re incubated in a woman’s womb.

    These teachings are sick yet this extreme fundamentalist science is what your son and daughter are being taught in public schools. Politicians will allow your kids to be taught magic evolution, but not the true facts of Creation.

    The pharyngulists and likely some cronies of Richard Dawkins flexed their dark power today by crashing our community along with our affiliates, but rest assured our power of prayer has warded them off.

    Let us deal them another blow and DEMAND that Christianity be taught in schools once again.

    Please join us in standing firm against the horrible genocidal, racist and absurd teachings of evolution today. Sign our petition to bring Christianity back to schools, so that our nation will once again bask in the heavenly light of morality.

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