• Atheist Scientists Hack Google To Show Ida Lemur Monkey Evolution Logo

    May 20, 2009 1:02 pm 49 comments

    At approximately 7:56 a.m. this morning, I was Googling more information about how the homogay agenda is destroying society when I saw something that made me spit out my Yoohoo in shocked frustration!

    Google has been hacked by atheist scientists with an evolution agenda. If you go to Google.com, you can see the scientists have changed Google’s friendly logo with this not so friendly Satanic piece of graphic artistry!

    I have emailed several of my colleagues to confirm if their computer screens pulled up the same image and they did. At time of report Google has been abducted and hacked by the science terrorists.

    This all started yesterday, when several fundamentalist scientists pulled out a random 25-year-old lemur monkey fossil and tried to claim it was 47 million years old.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, these scientists then hired trained snipers and sneaked into New York where they claimed the fossil came before man and magically evolved to create humans.

    They literally expected everyone to fall out crying and accept we all evolved from a 25-year-old female lemur monkey fossil named Ida. This notion is ridiculous and America does not negotiate with terrorists!

    Realizing that people of logic and faith would see right through their evolution hoax, these cult scientists have now taken Google hostage. As we speak they are probably doing unmentionable evils to Google’s servers and loading them up with more Satanic lies and fornication.

    My friends, we must use the power of militant prayer to save Google from their clutches. This is not the first time Satan has attempted to harm Google, a fine Christian American company.

    I spit with disgust at this attack on Google, this affront to true science and the Bible and they can threaten us all they want with their snipers. We’ll see how good their atheists threats are when we pray God reaches down to clean Google’s server and then burn Ida the Lemur Monkey up in a pillar of holy fire!

    Secular evolution is all a sham from the religion of fundamental atheism! They try to teach our kids that we’re all just monkeys in fancy shoes and that we were not created by divine design!

    They will go to any ends to get their agenda across, even attacking fine Judeo-Christian companies of America like Google.

    It’s pathetic, but even American atheists like Neil Degrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins and his followers will dogmatically promote anything that is anti-god and built on lies! They have joined the terrorists and are trying to convince everyone that we’re all the sons and daughters of Ida the monkey!

    These heathens have even launched a new site named “Wolfram Alpha”, which they claim is a Google killer!

    My friends, atheists love to veil their true intentions with the shroud of friendship. They will be nice to you as long as you agree with their perverted agendas; evolution, baby murder, drug needles and gay’s marriage.

    Just like the Taliban, these miscreants like to hide behind lies and words, threatening you with weapons and threats of abduction. They love to threaten the unsuspecting innocent, like a good Christian who stands for truth.

    Let us stand against these atheists terrorists today, in the unity of Christ and prayer. Let us pray this Ida disappears to never be seen again, all as punishment for them spreading false science and terrorizing Google with graven fossil images.

    Let us pray that the eternal pits of hellfire will swallow up any other false journals and stories about evolution. We are not monkeys or lemurs, we are the children of God. And as the children of God, we will not submit to the agenda of evolutionary scientists who fornicate to the thoughts corrupting true Biblical science with dinosaur bones.

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