• Atheists Are Immature Segregationists

    May 11, 2009 5:39 pm 25 comments

    One of the common talking points of atheism is that its followers claim to be “mature, educated and open-minded”. This could not be any farther from the truth.

    Atheists are a cowardly, superstitious lot who still fervently hold on to antiquated notions such as segregation and prejudice. In their atheist doctrine, they are taught to only believe what they can see and be lemmings to their leader’s teachings. Their leaders adhere to a dogma which preaches all other schools of thought are necessarily wrong, because their atheist religion is right.

    This type of logic breeds two things: hate and ignorance. And it’s those two things we see plague any community or discussion where atheists are present.

    Now atheists will try to convince you that their thoughts are not a religion and that they are not violent zealots who want everyone to follow their ways or die.

    All we have to do is pull out an atheist’s kryptonite, empirical evidence, to prove otherwise. Just look at their super-haven, ‘AtheistsNexus.com where they take turns cursing and persecuting Christians, then post disrespectful images against God and Christ in very immature fashion.

    Atheist means ‘no God or without God’, and the longer our society goes without God the faster it will get to burning in a fiery fate. Atheists took prayer out of our public schools in 1962.

    Since that time we see our schools have become far worse. Students now must be protected by armed militia and police force. Gun violence is running rampant while drugs, pornography and sex pressure are being forced on your kids each day. This is all because there is no prayer to God in schools today.

    The nuclear family is falling apart as the divorce rate climbs, and we see cultural decay directly correlating with this fact. Our society is falling apart as the amount of atheists in this nation increase.

    My friends, atheists are dedicated to spreading their harmful religion to the masses of pure, innocent minds. Their leaders, social miscreants like Ronald Plasterk and Richard Dawkins, will not stop their evangelizing that will spread immoral anti-God messages.

    Christ stands for love, peace and unity for all mankind. Nontheists by definition are against Christ and all of his teachings. Josef Stalin was a cheerful atheist and happily killed millions of innocent people in cold blood. Adolf Hitler was a closet atheist who defiled the name of Catholocism as his NAZIs brought Godless horror to millions of lives.

    You see, much as we learned from NAZI Germany and Stalin’s Russia, nothing good can come from a community of atheists. Atheist super-site AtheistsNexus.com says it is for a ‘community of nontheists’.

    Segregation is an ugly thing and it only gets worse when you consecrate a community to honor anti-Theism. The despots of atheism must fall for mankind to evolve and progress, in love, unity and peace.

    Just imagine a world where all are one in the body of Christ. Fear, despair and sin would fade away as true morality, that only comes from being lead by the Holy Spirit, permeated the life of everyone on Earth.

    Christ’s salvation is for everyone and atheists are Satan’s way of trying to keep all men from their true purpose in life; servitude, love and respect for all in Christ.

    We are in a battle for souls and must continue to rightly divide the word of truth to a world lead astray by atheists and countless other societal terrors. With the Worth of Truth, a steadfast spirit and continued love for all men, we will all proceed as one in the Lord.

    Love and peace, my friends.

    Pastor Jack

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