• Betrayer Arlen Specter Is A Judas, Switches To Democrat!

    May 3, 2009 12:56 pm 20 comments
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  • What a sad world we live in when once moral men would sell their soul to the devil for political gain!

    Last week ‘Senator’ Arlen Specter made Satan proud by signing on the dotted line and betraying the GOP to become a baby-murder supporting, home wrecking harlot gay marriage agenda Democrat!

    I hope and pray God sends all Democratic souls aflame for their sins!
    The Democrat party tries to come off as friendly but let us take a look at reality. Stabbing a baby in the head until it is dead? Not friendly.

    Supporting homosexual men who like to get their jollies from kids? Not so friendly! Funding Palestinian terrorists so they can come over here and attack our military underfunded nation of God! Not friendly, not friendly, not friendly!

    My friends, the Democrats are not your friends and Arlen Specter BETRAYERED AMERICA BY JOINING THEM! I am so enraged by this man right now that if this was 200 years ago, I’d accuse him of witchcraft!

    I bet he’d float too because only a man who has no soul, LIKE JUDAS WHO BETRAYED JESUS CHRIST FOR GOLD COINS, would betray the party of God. It’s no coincidence the Grand Ol’ Party can also stand for God’s Original Party!

    This nation of America was founded to embrace a Christian heritage and Christian destiny. Our forefathers loved the ideas of fiscal conservatism, Christian Puritan values and limited government! They loved God and wanted all Americans to have free will, so they would worship God by choice!

    The Democrats are anti-God, anti-choice and anti-America! Arlen Specter, shame on you for betraying God! Shame on you for telling lies about the only organization left that stands for what GOD WANTS IN HIS COUNTRY!

    When you stand before God on judgment day be prepared to answer for why you joined the Demoncrats because you’ll be asked and you will be judged!

    You cannot get away with political party Judasery! I would have expected such betrayal from the duplicitous duo of Senator Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, but to be stabbed in the back by a purportedly Godly man is sacrilege!

    Et tu, Arlen Specter! Et tu!

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