• Chinese Are Evil But Racism Is Always Unacceptable

    May 30, 2009 2:09 pm 131 comments

    My friends, as we sit peacefully at home right now, ready to enjoy the freedoms of love and Democracy on a Saturday, the devious little hands of the Chinese plot our demise.

    They detonate nukes in the name of their god. They daydream about the moment when the lifeblood of your loved ones trickles down their family’s ceremonial Samurai sword. Make no mistake, we should have great fear of the Asiatic Chinese, for the day shall come when they attack and try to kill us all dead!

    As mentioned before, I am extremely terrified of Chinese people, but I am not racist. You should feel the same way too.

    Every day readers send in thousands of emails, many asking for loving lifetips and others sending items of immorality. Sadly, there is one other type of email: those accusing me of being racist for wanting my country to protect my family from the roving hordes of the Chinese.

    Dear readers, racism is a very ugly thing. It pains my heart when the poor little Mexicans who sneak to our country cannot speak American, just because their friends are all too racist to learn the ‘gringoes’ tongue.

    I hate it when I go to my son’s sporting events and notice all the nice little Afro children sitting together with their big white tshirts and high fives, segregating themselves from mingling with the school’s original neighborhood population.

    Christ had love for all the other races, be they black, yellow, brown or red. He did not discriminate against those without his white skin, but offered his love and mercy instead. We should do the same thing too.

    Christ’s love is a wonderful thing and so it’s such a sad shame that so many immoral peoples have burning hate in their hearts.

    I will never understand why a nation stockpiles nuclear weapons and threatens to fire missiles at all who are different. I will never understand why they instill unfounded fears in the hearts of their children, spreading lies and teaching their young to give misgivings to all who are different.

    My friends, just like the Arab terror people the Chinese are scared to death of our great nation and therefore embrace a culture that’s against the American race.

    From the moment it is born, they brainwash their kids to hate our American ways; they teach teach them we are very different, shield them from the good of our culture and then, make them think we are all out to get them.

    Raised in such an environment, it is no surprise that terrorist Chinese sneaked over to bomb Pearl Harbor, the little sand terrorists grew up wanting to destroy our Twin Towers and now, they are developing nukes to shoot at your family.

    I fear that it is too late for these people. There are over 2 billion Chinese and Arab terrors in Asia, all raised wanting the same thing: being the harbingers of death and destruction to Americans.

    Against such odds we must endure in this world. A world in which over 1/3 of the population hates our American DNA and wants us, our God and our civilization all dead, dead, DEAD.

    In granting us the capacity to love, God also born with us the capacity for wisdom. China’s culture is veiled and when they show off a bit of it, it’s always to remind us that they want us gone.

    We know very little about the Chinese besides that they teach their kids that America is evil, that there is a war coming and that they will have great rewards in terracotta heaven for killing us all dead.

    For these reasons, let us continue to hide in the throne room and pray that God blesses us with the strength to protect ourselves from the Chinese. Let us pray that we get a good leader like Senator McCarthy or President Bush who will protect us from communist conspirators.

    Above all else, let us teach our children the lessons of Christ. It is not okay to be racist against the Chinese, but it is fine to be extremely terrified of their unknown culture and sinister warmongering machinations.

    Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.

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