• Chinese Father Forces Kid to Eat Hot Sauce

    May 18, 2009 11:48 pm 1 comment
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  • In the following video it appears a Chinese father is forcing his son to eat hot sauce. I cannot even fathom how a self-respecting parent could force their precious child to eat the dirty products of Mexico.

    You can also see the father starts to laugh as his boy starts spitting with disgust to no avail, as the river-soaked peppers have already burned his tongue with their spicy fury.

    Tricking or forcing a kid to eat hot peppers is not a nice thing to do. It makes God sad and makes Satan squeal with delight. Make no mistake, however, that God has bottles of spicy judgment that were harvested from his endless gardens of his wrath.

    The day is coming where God is going to pour his wrath down the tongue and gullets of every no good person on Earth, and woe to them that have made suffer our precious children.

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