• Communist Chinese Build World’s First Sex Park

    May 19, 2009 9:25 am 35 comments
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  • China is a sick, twisted country full of people who become aroused when they think about killing innocent Americans.

    Time and time again I have warned everyone about the wicked ways of the nearly 2 billion people strong China, who do everything from conspiring with Mexicans to destroy the American dollar to secretly delighting in the spilled blood of persecuted Christians.

    As China grows more powerful they are making their heathen ways less veiled. And as China grows more militant and bold with their displays of harlot lifestyles, it has become obvious that today we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity.

    China’s latest assault on morality comes in the form of a new shrine they have erected in honor of their pagan god of perversion and cultural war.

    Our affiliates at Fox News have warned us about a new Sex Park China has launched. It features giant genitalia sculptures and various exhibits that show all types of fornication acts.

    The Chinese are calling the park ‘Love Land’ and are using American English on all the signs, all in attempts to make their population have giant orgies in the park and have even more male children. Make no mistake that even all Chinese zygotes hate America with all their heart and will be ready for the make war with our peace loving nation.

    In addition to all of these anti-God things, the Chinese park also has numerous sex shops where traveling American businessmen can be tempted to get a message and then betray their marriage vows to their wife.

    My friends, the perversions of China are as pungent as month old soy sauce. And just like soy sauce will saturate pure white rice with its filthy tastes and aroma, the Chinese culture will fill your soul full decadence and make it repugnant to God.

    The liberal allies of China in this nation will try to convince you that sex parks are good and that China is an ‘enlightened’ culture. They will tell you that we should encourage China to have billions more babies all while all American babies are being aborted by the bucketload each day!

    Such thoughts are treason against America’s Christian heritage. The Bible tells us to get married and then be fruitful and multiply. It does not say let the heathens build up sex parks and teach their kids how to have babies to take over America!

    Today let us pray that morality comes upon the land of China. There are nearly 2 billion misguided people in their country who lack the light of morality to show them the way. Let our nation be the beacon that guides China toward a Godly destiny, lest we go to war and God must bless us with another superweapon to bring the hordes of Asiatic armies to their knees in surrender.

    This sex park must be taken down for the good of morality and so China may become a Christian nation that follows the superior culture of America. Warning: The following photographic display is highly immoral. Please pray and make sure children leave the room before reviewing.

    ChristWire.org Chinese sex park

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