• Dad Chastises Son For Crying Like Girl on Camera

    May 17, 2009 10:37 am 1 comment
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  • What a shameful day for a father when the mysteries of internet technology and perverse culture combine to let us son cry like a women for all the world to see!

    My heart truly goes out to this family. A young man pulls out a piece of technology called an internet web camera. What this thing does is, somehow shoot out camera beams and records everything, just like one of them fancy Hollywood vcr cameras doohickeys, but can then take all that information and send it into a home computer unit. From the computer it shoots all that information out into the worldwide web for all to see! This is neat and the miracles of God are endless.

    While this can have many good applications, like recording sermons on the internet and such, sadly it is causing grief to many good parents like this father. If my boy ever cried like this, I would be forced to ship him off to military school or make him become a laborer on a farm, until all the female crying act was just drained right out of him.

    Between all the hard work and knowing the wrong choice means Satan will shovel hot coals down to your stomach for all eternity, is enough to make sure any decent boy doesn’t go around crying like no girl!

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