• Defenseless Christians Persecuted in Iraq, Flee

    May 18, 2009 2:40 am 5 comments
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  • Heartbreak in Iraq has persecution of Christians reaches a crucial threshold. Since 2003, over half of Iraq’s Christian population has been forced to flee the country as they face imminent threat from various Muslim individuals in the nation.

    As reported by the Associated press, the nearly 50% of Iraqi Christians who have been forced to flee Iraq to date do not plan to return to the country.

    It is an absolute travesty that this day and age, there are cultures out there who do not embrace multiculturalism. America is called “The Melting Pot”, as it allows people the freedom to practice false pagan religion, atheism or be proper Christians and still join each other in the everlasting bonds and love of unity.

    Such qualities typify the desire of Christ; unity. A vision, not division, of unconditional brotherhood and devotion among all of us fellow compatriots.

    Insider reports confirm the worst of President George W. Bush’s fears; Iraq is a nation capable of greatness but in desperate need of freedom. It is up to America to continue to strive to instruct Iraq in the matters of egalitarianism, unity among countrymen and not allowing bigotry or discrimination to fill one’s heart.

    Once Iraq begins to accept these core principles built into our Godly nation, they will surely be on a path to becoming a lesser Melting Pot replica of the United States, and that is a fate of which every Iraqi would take very great pride.

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