• Diversity Causes Susan Boyle to Lose Britain’s Got Talent

    May 31, 2009 1:20 am Comments Off
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  • A sad day has come upon the United Kingdom, as reverse racism strikes yet again. Susan Boyle, the woman with a voice of an angel, lost Britain’s Got Talent. She lost because everyone was guilted into voting for Diversity.

    In the final competition night of Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle wore a dress that would make the good Lord proud. It was long and flowing, yet sparkled like the countenance of the heavenly hosts.

    She chose to inspire the heart of the world with another rendition of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables.

    Her powerful, emotive song resonated with the audience and brought peace to their hearts. Through tears they gratefully applauded Susan for the ardent nourishment her song provided their hearts, minds and souls.

    Then, the moment of heavenly inspiration came to an end. The ugly face of partisan politics and racial bickering came jive stepping in to the sounds of Satan. A group that named itself ‘Diversity’, to invoke the same reverse racism that got Sotomayor and Obama into office, came onto stage.

    Everyone in the audience had to pretend that they enjoyed clapping their hands and stomping all around as the group danced. And no it was not the spirit of the Lord coming upon their hearts making them dance like David danced. This was nothing but urban hipped hopped dancing.

    I can go drive down to the local downtown jive club and see all that type of nonsense. Nowhere but from Susan Boyle can you hear a voice so pure and clean, from a woman whose remained chaste before the Lord.

    Just like that little fancy boy Adam Lambert who lost American Idol because liberals are not morally fair, the same fate came upon Susan Boyle. She lost tonight due to politicking and reverse discrimination.

    I will be writing an angry letter to Mr. Simon Cowell to see why on Earth she lost to a bunch of dancing kids. Whoever wins tonight has to perform before Queen Elizabeth II.

    Who do you think she wants to see? A bunch of diversity hipped hoppers who may steal her purse and royal jewels, or a sweet, chaste woman whose holy voice is a treasure to any kingdom?

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