• Fear and Panic, North Korea Has the N-Bomb

    May 25, 2009 9:18 am Comments Off
    North Korea Tests Nuclear Bomb of Hiroshima Caliber, UN and US Leaders in Panic

    Americans nationwide are crippled with fear and panic, as North Korea has developed a nuclear bomb capable of wiping out a city.

    Seismic map graphs indicate North Korea’s Nuclear Bomb test today would have been powerful enough to destroy Hiroshima twice over.

    Only months ago North Korea launched a missile in the direction of the United States, to test out their long range technology. Estimates are that within two years, North Korea will be able to strike American homes, perhaps yours, with a secret nuclear missile.

    Today’s test has left North Korea’s neighbors in frenzied chaos. Japanese politicians scramble to enact policy to safeguard against a nuclear North Korea regime.

    South Korea has its troops on high alert as even the Soviet Russians have expressed grave concern over this predicament. China is unusually calm, indicating they may be conspiring with the regime who has sworn to defeat Democracy, at whatever cost.

    My friends, North Korea is a very unnatural, Godless country where the people have become bereft of emotions. They blindly follow their leader Kim Jong-il, a man who kidnaps English film producers and has ambition to spread terror to peaceful nations.

    Your world is not safe. You could be at the park, spending quality time with your children when suddenly you see a faint object in the beautifully blue morning sky. You may think it is an airplane.

    Little do you know that once that object strikes Earth, a mushroom cloud will appear soon after. A cloud that will kill you dead with torrential waves of nuclear energy.

    Today is a great day of dismay for the world. North Korea is stockpiling nuclear weapons and is developing the means to shoot them at a defenseless America and her gentle allies.

    We must demand North Korea cease producing Weapons of Mass Destruction. If they do not comply, we must use the full force of the United States military. We must demand our allies take part in bringing freedom to North Korea.

    We must let them know that we will not hesitate to use our weapons to bring peace to their lands. Pyongyang must understand we will regretfully evacuate and then drop many peace-inducing bombs upon their industrial and military centers.

    If we fail, rest assured that our children will grow up in a new Cold War era, an era when Reagan’s divine leadership is gone and the forces of communism once again lust for American blood.

    We must stop the Communists today, before it is too late.

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