• Gay Marriage Will Lead To Turtle Marriage

    May 14, 2009 9:59 am 8 comments

    Today ChristWire community member Claire posted an interesting article in which she attempted to make a case for the legalization and acceptance of gay marriage. According to the publication, a couple in Massachusetts is being heralded as the first couple in the state to join hands in ‘holy’ matrimony under the state’s same sex statutes, set 5 years ago.

    While this may be seen as a victory for ‘gay rights’, rest assured that this is simply another ploy of the homosexual gay agenda that will continue to destroy our culture and way of life. When presented with the possibility that gay marriage is akin to a similar abomination of a man marrying his dog, because of love, the Claire defended her position as follows:

    “…there is nothing wrong with gay marriage provided it’s between two CONSENTING ADULTS. Bestiality is wrong because animals cannot consent to sex or marriage with a human, whereas an adult human can, regardless of gender…”

    A common tactic of the gay agenda includes selective morality. Here, we see a proponent of the homosexed political platform attempt to invoke morality when it comes to animals, but suddenly loses interest in doing what’s right when it comes to man-man or woman-woman relationships.

    Morality should not be subjective; it must be fairly applied to everything. The Bible tells us that the choice to be gay, much as the choice of a man to lay with an animal, is all filth and is caused by sin. It is an abomination before God because both violate natural order.

    Gay marriage will naturally serve as a gateway to far more deviant allowances. If we allow gays to get married, why not allow people to marry objects. Perhaps a robot they claim ‘loves them’. It’s not hurting anyone, correct?

    What if an animal ever is said to become truly ‘self-aware’ and capable of making semi-informed decisions. Can man suddenly take a bridal bed with beast?

    These are all very serious considerations and will be the path that allowing a national gay marriage will bring to fruition. It’s no secret that for every 1 homosexual man, four boys will get molested. Make no mistake that if we allow gay marriage, the gays will start lobbying to get legal marrying age lower and lower, so they can trap teens into a forced relationship of perversion.

    This issue is very serious, my friends, and as you can see the liberal left wing journalists will not stop trying to convince you that gay marriage is not dangerous. They will twist logic and facts to make it seem that gay marriage will not lead straight to animal marriage.

    Our old colleague and friend Bill O’Reilly sheds some really good insight into this issue as well, as he shows how gay marriage will lead to things like goat, duck and turtle marriage. It is absolutely frightening and should serve as a wake-up call to everyone.

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