• German Chancellor Angela Merkel Makes Pornographic Ad!

    May 2, 2009 1:10 pm 9 comments

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    Women cannot be trusted in political office and I have proof. Even if they are ‘qualified’ which is questionable, you see they will always resort to exposing their bodies little prostitutions to get what they want!

    My eyes are so filled with sickened rage that I can hardly type proper on my computer right now! It’s one thing when you have flussies like Debbie Dallas and Michelle Obama skirting around town with improper dresses, but it’s an entirely new subject when you have a leader like a German Chancellor showing off exposed sin flesh to all comers!

    Where did it all go wrong with Germany? Did they not used to be the seat of the Holy Roman Empire?

    Now all we see is the seat of Angela Merkel as she shows off her unholy region to all the world! At least when atheist Hitler was trying to kill all the proper Arabs off the world, he did it with his pants pulled up and not trying to tempt womams and men with fornication!

    This is exactly the type of thing that will happen when you let women become president! One day it’s all smiles and everything is proper protocol, then the next they are spreading their rotunda cheeks and exposing all the sinful innards to get reelection!

    You see how a celebrity women do when they need some popularity. They have ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ and show you a bit of them milksacks or some that exposed clam oyster down below where the pantieknickers should go.

    That’s all sick and I spit with contempt on those types of celebrities! But I will not stand idle while women start to disrespect the highest office in the land! The German executive office is now marred by sin! I will not let God’s highest political office, THE USA PRESIDENT, get the same fate!

    The hardest burning hooker disease does not compare to the high heats of hell! That’s exactly where this type of sin will lead our nation! I will be forwarding this letter and image to the German Embassy, and will demand they apologize to America for letting this filth on our internet!

    Warning: The image on clicking this web link if highly immoral. Please pray and have all women/children leave the room before reviewing.

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