• Hillary Clinton And Her ‘Supporters’

    May 10, 2009 11:02 am 16 comments

    The Democrats are a party full of deceivers, liars, money robbers and baby murderers. There is nothing moral or Godly about any of those things and I hope your prayers are geared towards getting a good Republican for new Supreme Court Justice, the presidency in 2012 and retaking the Congress.

    Democrats know the majority of America is still moral at heart, so therefore they ‘hire’ propaganda artists to…spin the truth for them and spread lying talking points on their news publications.

    On MSNBC, Keith Olbermann gets shush funded millions of your tax dollars to spread lies about Republicans. He gets new cars to spread a little fib about good men like former President George W. Bush and his administration.

    Covert propaganda minister Jon Stewart, who poses as “the comedian”, gets paid in his coveted gold for doing the same deceptions. It’s always the same with the Democrats; lie, cheat and steal.

    In the following picture evidence, we see Democrat office secretary Hillary Clinton as she was campaigning to become president of the United States.

    She wanted Republicans to think she was more popular and conservative than what she actually was in truth. Therefore, she hired Democrat photographers along with poor people still ravaged from the aftermath of Bill Clinton’s wasteful economy (with President Bush tried his best to fix).

    She hired good people to be in her photo-op, and you can see they were poor actors and one fellow could not hide his disgust for her Democrat ways.

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