• Pedisedate “Toy” to “Gently Sedate” Our Kids

    May 21, 2009 1:35 pm 8 comments

    There is a new ‘toy’ for children named the Pedistate. Before the liberals run to their little news sites and radio shows and claim it’s a lie, let us have a look on The Telegraph of the United Kingdom.

    The included text reads:

    A child demonstrates the PediSedate, which gently sedates youngsters by administering anaesthetic nitrous oxide gas through a headset as they play computer games on handheld consoles.

    I am no doctor but I know that there is nothing funny about “gently” sedating kids with nitrous oxide gas!

    Fellow parents, we must stand together against gay marriage and the home gay agenda. Gays love to lie and tell you that there is nothing harmful about their lifestyles that are sugar-plummed with anal fornication.

    They try to make you think the gay agenda is, all happy faces and things that glitter with gold.

    The truth of the matter is that homosexuality is filth before the eyes of God. For every one homosexual, four children get molstered.

    This is because being gay is a strange choice of fetish and these heathens will stop at nothing to abduct our children, do mean things to them and then turn them gay!

    The gays are so dedicated to corrupting our kids that their gay dentists, video game technicians and anesthesiologists have apparently collaborated to announce this “toy” that will “gently sedate” children.

    Gay technology is unholy and now you may never know when you leave your child alone on a computer, the video game controller can start to release some gay inducing nitrous oxide.

    The controller could start to run a computer program that shows homosexual images on the computer monitor and the gas will make your kids gently laugh and think it’s all happy, just like gays want.

    You’ll notice your teen son may start to wear some makeup or tight jeans. Your daughter may take a liking to short hair and playing boy’s sports. Your wife may even get corrupted and get lured into the pearl hunting lifestyle.

    Parents, please do not let the gays use their advanced science technology to abduct and then spread their agenda to your kids.

    Let us ban gay from our households! We must demand they stop spreading their filth trodden homomongering agenda on our tvs and must alert parents to their new video game technological fronts.

    We will anything to protect our children! Until further notice, let us allow no more video games in our houses! Let us boycott dentists until they denounce whoever helped created this technology!

    There is nothing gentle or friendly about homosins and Satan will not get the souls of our children to add to his eternal highscores of death and suffering!

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