• How is Baby Made?

    May 24, 2009 4:20 pm 24 comments

    Left wing politicians have unleashed a subversive policy of miseducation to our youth in public schools. The most notable part of their agenda to mislead our newer generations is seen within the fields of developmental biology, human anatomy and physiology.

    In 1973 the atheists and liberals made their true colors known, when they fought for the right to kill babies in the infamous Roe v. Wade case. Why would a group of Americans wish to enact genocide against a cohort of their fellow compatriots, based on age?

    Such a question is complex and is beyond the scope of today’s lesson in refuting the horrible perversion of science that is taking place in public schools; a place where they teach birthing is immensely painful, lie about a woman’s secret place and even teach children it’s natural to have premarital relations then get abortions.

    These teachings are not a part of our Christian heritage but rather an imported fabrication from Hell itself. The factories of Satan are always pumping out sin and these Godless liberals are selling it to our children, at schools, by the boatload.

    Did you know that your kids in public school are being taught man does not carry the seed of life?

    How is A Baby Made?

    If you have a teenage son or daughter in public school, they have been told lies about our existence and formation.

    The Bible tells us that even when we are growing in the womb, God has made a plan for our life and that we were fearfully and wonderfully made.

    Liberals conspire to mislead your students and try to claim babies are not ‘living’ until the second trimester. Up until then, it is fine for women to allow a doctor to butcher the baby in the head and suck it out of the secret part’s opening.

    Every sperm tadpole of man carries a homunculus, a human life waiting to be implanted into a womans fertile secret parts.  Schools do not tell boys about this and encourge them to murder via the act of M.

    Every sperm tadpole of man carries a homunculus, a human life waiting to be implanted into a woman's fertile secret parts. Schools do not tell boys about this and encourage them to murder via the act of 'M".

    Our children are not being taught that men carry the seed of life.   They are taught it is normal for teens to develop sexual urges. Our children are being encouraged to “M” masturbate and not being taught why doing such, especially for males, is a murderous sin.

    In a recent poll, only 8% of high school senior males knew about the homunculus within his swimmers. Only 8 percent.

    As you know, a man carries the seed of life. Boys in public schools do not realize that at any given time, they carry millions of lives waiting to develop. God has a name for each one of them, should they be transferred to a wife’s fertile place in which to grow.

    Granted facts like these, it should come as no surprise that more young men and women agree with abortion. They do not appreciate the special role God has given each functioning man and woman on this planet.

    After a husband and wife unify to begin the process of growing the baby, God already has a name and plan for the child. Isn’t that wonderful? Such a marvelous role is given to parents in the kingdom of God.

    Liberals corrupt this by teaching our kids that even after fertilization, a woman’s ‘egg’ is simply a dividing group of cells that are not human. This is blatantly a lie, as if you allow those ‘cluster of cells’ to keep growing you get…YOU! You get, ME! And everyone else on Earth.

    There are currently 7 billion examples of why committing abortion is murder!

    Education to Empower Love for Life

    It is a well known fact that liberals have contempt for life. They support agendas which allow for the murder of innocent children.

    They teach young women that their role of carrying a God-given child is not important, but rather a non-human process of chemicals, so they have to Freedom To Choose Murdering their ‘embryonic infection’ (via the Freedom of Choice Act).

    Boys are told to let women choose to kill as a man doesn’t have any say over life. They teach men to be passive and accept sperm are not holy or sacred, and do not contain a miniature human with God’s blueprints for life.

    My friends, public schools are not only giving rise to the aborting of babies. They are giving raise to the abortion of logic and ethic within our children.

    Instead of teaching them how the body really works, sex crazed liberal teachers are busy trying to attack your sons with sex.

    Around every corner you never know when a gay sex education teacher will be teaching little Johnny that it’s okay for two men to play with each other’s serpent scepter and how it’s normal for boys to get secretly raped by female teachers who love having abortions.

    My friends, with conditions like this it is no surprise that our youth of today have such warped views of sexuality.

    Our daughters are growing up to be abortion-toking hookers while too many of our sons grow up getting mentally and physically molested by female teachers, then turn gay.

    Liberals have hijacked the public education system and we must now turn to God to make things right. Prayer is banned in public schools yet before they gradate, over 67% of students have been the prey of predator teachers with a hunger for deception and sexual exploitation.

    Please help us stop the atheist agenda of spreading abortion, homosexuality and disrespect for our reproductive organs in public schools.

    Join us in our crusade to stop The Freedom of Choice Act. Sign the petition and demand Congress allow babies the right to life.

    Have the difficult talk with your teen son or daughter. Ask them if they realize 86% of diseased prostitutes got that way because of masturbation?

    Ask them if they would like to die from AIDS or ruptured colon at a young age?

    If they are not corrupt they will say ‘no’ and accept your teachings about the dangers of premarital sex and how masturbation is a gateway drug into a life of death.

    Let them know that man carries the seed of life and why it is a honor for a woman to be with child in wedlock.

    Imagine the sorrow in your heart when you reach heaven, if you look down and see Satan stoking your son or daughter as they burn in hell for all eternity. They will burn because you did not correct the wicked sexual education teachings made in public schools.

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